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Digital media has consistently produced higher returns than most other forms of advertising. As the graph below shows, the majority of businesses are choosing to continually increase their digital budgets and decrease other media.


Borrell Q1-2 2015 SMB Survey


While Google AdWords and other sponsored forms of media certainly have their place in online marketing, their effectiveness pales in comparison to Search Engine Optimization from a long-term ROI perspective. The graph below shows where most businesses get the most value from their marketing dollar.


BrightLocal: SMBs Most Effective Marketing Channels For Customer Acquisition


Five Steps to Success

1. Optimize Your Presence

Establish and elevate your website, social, mobile, and, if applicable, local visibility. Just as a new business would open up a store or get real estate in the offline world, it is just as important for a business to "open up" or take ownership of their online real estate.

2. Manage Your Reputation

Leverage your online real estate as listening tools to understand what your customers are saying about you.

3. Become An Authority

Engage and network within online communities and provide advice and insights on your area of expertise.

4. Convert Visitors to Contacts

Focus in on the traffic your marketing activities are generating and how to effectively convert that traffic into revenue.

5. Retain Customers & Grow

It is much easier to get more work from exisiting customers than to get new customers. In this step, you build systems to continuously stay in front of your customers to earn repeat business.


This plan is for you if you want to roll up your sleeves and get into your SEO, but have a guide to walk you through the forest and over bumps in the trail.

Site Management

Rest assured that no matter what you do, your site will be taken care of and your online presence will continue to improve because we are actively managing your online business.

Content King

You are ready to ramp up your online marketing and build an organic lead funnel through deep SEO, reputation building, and content marketing.

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